Stay-Tuff Livestock & Wildlife Fencing

Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot Fence, manufactured from 12.5 gauge, high tensile, galvanized wire, offers 3 times the life & 4 times the strength over conventional low tensile wire.  It is made using a solid vertical stay rather than the conventional "hinge joint" process, it provides superior vertical strength & greater resistance to stock pressure. 20 - 30 year warranties.

  • Advantages Include:
  • Deeper Tension Crimps
  • ‚ÄčLabor Saver Stripped Rolls,
  • Smaller Tighter Knot
  • Beyond Class III Galvanization
Stay-Tuff Fencing is manufactured with continuous horizontal and vertical high tensile wires joined every 3", 6", or 12 inches by a fixed knot. It is specically designed for livestock & wildlife, and works very well for dogs as well.

It is the ultimate in livestock fencing and is especially suited for high stocking levels and environments where maintaining electric fence is not practical.

We also create custom made Wildlife gates in many different heights and widths.
dog fence
Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot Fencing is specifically designed for a variety of animals and is available in 35" up to 120" heights and in 200, 330, & 660 foot length rolls. This product is ideally suited for elk, deer, bison, cattle, horses, goats, sheep, and dogs.

          Fixed Knot High Tensile Woven Wire
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