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 In a vineyard, a solid trellis structure will provide a great defense against the forces of nature and by investing in high quality materials you can ensure a firm foundation for the growth of your wine or table grapes.

We stock GPAKs. Based on the proven principle of joining and tensioning wire, the Gripple Plus Anchor Kit extends on this foundation, presenting an easy to handle easy to use anchoring solution that's fast to install. The different sized kits all come complete with a pre-cut length of flexible wire and a Gripple unit to join and tension.

      Install in less than one minute
      Suitable for wooden or metal posts
      High load capacity - choose from a range
      Heavy galvanized flexible wire for ultimate protection
      Double leg format for maximum trellis support
      Re-tension easily year after year
      Lockable kits available for heavy-duty application

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Orchard Anchoring

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