Livestock High Tensile Fencing Information

Smooth wire high tensile fencing is the strongest, longest lasting, and most adaptable fencing available today.

Typically multi strand high tensile fencing is insulated so it can be electrified. It is usually built using pressure treated wooden posts. The most common general livestock fence is a insulated four wire high tensile fence. It is used for dairy and beef cattle pasture with low stocking levels. Five wire fence is used for difficult to control livestock such as sheep or horses. Six wire high tensile is used for a higher stocking levels such as cattle feed yard. Six wire horse fence features two or three high tensile wires that are coated for added visibility and safety. Feedlot fencing for the highest stocking levels of cattle usually consist of ten wires with several wires insulated, although the feedlot fence will hold cattle without an electrical charge.

All hardware components used in high tensile fencing are
Class III galvanized. They are coated with 2 1/2 times the zinc of traditional fence materials. This gives the components an estimated 30 year shiny life. In addition to the fence components, a complete line of fence construction tools is available.

K Fence high tensile fencing is suitable for traditional farm fence applications and for exotic animal fencing (elk or red-tailed deer), there is an 8' high tensile woven wire.
Wire fence
High Tensile Fence 5 wire
Cattle Fence 8 wire High Tensile

Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot Fencing

Stay-Tuff Fencing is manufactured with continuous horizontal and vertical high tensile wires joined every 3", 6", or 12 inches by a fixed knot. It is specically designed for livestock & wildlife.

This high tensile woven wire combines the strength of the Stay-Tuff Wildlife Fence with shorter fence heights required for traditional livestock & animals such as dogs. It is the ultimate in livestock fencing and is especially suited for high stocking levels and environments where maintaining electric fence is not practical, like Off Leash Dog Parks.
K Fence features pressure treated wood posts in a variety of sizes. Pressure treated wood makes strong, long lasting, & economical fence posts.  Our posts are treated to a .4 pound per cubic foot with CCA, then stained. These high quality posts have a 40 year warranty. They are available in 4, 5 and 6 inch diameter and 7, 8, 10 and 12 foot lengths. We recommend eight foot posts for livestock fencing, ten foot posts for specialty fencing, & twelve foot posts for 8' fences.
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    5" x 7' CCA Post
    4" x 8' CCA Post
    5" x 8' CCA Post
    6" x 8' CCA Post
    4" x 10' CCA Post
    5" x 10' CCA Post
    6" x 10' CCA PostNew
    4" x 12' CCA Post
    5" x 12' CCA Post
    6" x 12' CCA Post
treated wood posts
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Cedar Post
We also stock untreated cedar posts for certified organic projects.
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