"Good fences make good neighbors" – a proverb quoted by Robert Frost in the poem Mending Wall
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A good fence brings enhanced value, security and appeal to your property.  A fence used as a boundary or to keep animals in or out of an area requires planning and careful layout so the result is efficient and functional.

In Minnesota, it is considered a capital improvement; so keep track of expense receipts. Minnesota collects sales tax for fence materials you purchase and install yourself. If your fence is installed by K Fence, you will not pay state tax on the materials, we pay the use tax.

Properly constructed fences built with quality materials can last for many years. High tensile wire does not stretch from livestock pressure, snow load or the hired hand climbing over. The wire, and all components are galvanized to prevent rusting. Wood posts we sell have a 40 year warranty. We have fences we built  37 years ago that are still holding livestock. If you design a fence for your needs, it may be the longest surviving improvement, with little or no maintenance. Do it once, do it right, you will enjoy it for years.
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