Portable Electric Deer Fencing

Since 1984 K Fence Systems has worked closely with government officials and land owners in the development and use of  a low profile fence to deter deer. That research suggested a yellow polytape known as Visual Grazing System VGS was as effective with less maintenance as any method tested. These results have been replicated over the past years with hundreds of miles of VGS providing a good measure of deer abatement. 

Our predator fencing experience has been primarily white tail deer exclusion fencing. This has taken several forms of fencing. The lease cost option is the deer attractor fence or VGS tape fence. This system consists of a one half inch yellow polytape which has several strands of stainless steel to conduct electricity. This tape is clipped on fiberglass posts at 30 to 36 inches high and energized. The tape can be baited with peanut butter to attract the deer. The tape will also flutter in the wind to draw the deerís attention, which is why it is called an attractor fence.

Low Profile Deer Fencing Instructions 

1. Build fence before deer develop feeding patterns.

2. Use 11/16 inch x 5 foot fiberrod posts for corners and gate posts. Use 3/8 inch x 4 foot fiberrod posts on 30 foot centers as line posts. Post clips should be installed 27 inches to 30 inches from the ground.

3. Hand tension yellow fence tape through clips. When splicing tape, separate conductive wires from filaments and twist wire together. Tie filament ends for strength.

4. Install low impedance energizer according to manufacture battery below energizer on a board or in a battery box. Position energizer near the middle of the fence.

5. Maintain at least 3000 volts at all times on the low profile fence. Check voltage weekly using a voltmeter.

6. Proper grounding is essential. Use one rod in heavy soils, two rods in lighter soil. If voltages drop below 2500 volts, add additional ground rods and moisten them with a salt water mixture. Occasionally excess weed growth may have to be removed to improve visibility of the tape.

7. Low profile fence tape can be baited with a mixture of peanut butter and vegetable oil. This is especially alluring to the deer immediately after fence installation.

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